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Why we believe in Alternative Investments

For thousands of years, the only people who qualified as "investors" were the very wealthy and politically connected landowners. Investment opportunities were few and available only to the elites. Yet, in the blink of an eye, culminating with the arrival of online investing, that world has been replaced by a far more democratic one, full of investments accessible to everyone: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, pension plans, real estate, index linked funds and many other investment vehicles.

The world today has changed in many other ways and not all for the good. One of the biggest problems as we see it is the connection between trying to save for retirement and the growing lack of investments that actually deliver for investors. It seems more often than not today that investments deliver ever diminishing returns yet the people who manage the investments seem to be getting ever larger bonuses!

Today we see uncertain stock markets many say as a direct result of central banks around the world desperately trying to manage their economies via interest rates, quantitative easing and now negative interest rates! Because of this it is now impossible to know the true value of any stock because of these market distortions. As a result of this continuing QE and market interference stock prices will continue to be badly over inflated. The question is how long can this continue and will there be as there usually is a huge correction in the stock markets as they come back down to more realistic values.

BHA believe that given the current climate now is the perfect time to look outside of the traditional investment options. We believe that alternative investment opportunities that deliver assured returns usually far higher than those you would get from the high street. Plus these investments are secured against assets such as land and buildings, offer investors far better value. In addition there are many alternative investments that are beneficial to society. So what could be better than to have a good investments that also do good for the world!

High Yield

High Yield Investments

Green and Ethical investments don't always mean low returns. There are more and more opportunities that deliver good returns now available.
Lifestyle Investments

Lifestyle Investments

A holiday home or retirement home that you can both enjoy for several weeks a year and then get returns on, or just live in yourself, what could be better.
Due Dilligence

Due Dilligence

We carry out our own due dilligence on all the opportunities we put forward, however we always recommend you take your own independant advice.

Social Investments

We look for investments that will have a benifical social impact for society. Areas we concentrate on are the renewable energy sector and care for the elderly.