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84% Current Investment Targeted Return

Intro Crowd UK Land

An 84% Targeted Return For this Investment!

This is an exciting opportunity for high-net-worth individuals and sophisticated investors to partner with Intro Crowd, an online crowdfunding platform, specialising in UK strategic land. Strategic land refers to the location, accessibility and potential of the land site. This is ordinarily land classified as greenfield, which means it is not part of the protected greenbelt and has had no prior development. The UK government has set a target for 1.5 million new homes to be built by 2022 to tackle the shortfall in housing. The biggest challenge is to find land on which to build and with this easily accessible platform, Intro Crowd can help you to make a contribution.

Investment Starts At £10,000

Housing Shortage

Intro Crowd is proud to be the UK's only strategic land investment platform.

The UK is experiencing a huge housing crisis and the Government is actively addressing this issue. Councils are under increasing pressure to start releasing land for development. Intro Crowd has a team of experienced experts who are diligent in sourcing opportunities and are perfectly poised to capitalise on the demand for new homes

Intro Crowd

Intro Crowd identifies strategic land that is near to existing settlements and experiencing high growth in population. Strategic land is typically on the edges of towns and villages. The sites are listed on the Intro Crowd platform with site plans and indication of future land value from industry experts. Intro Crowd then sets up an investment company in order to purchase each plot of land, in which investors then buy shares.

Once the land has been fully funded via the platform, Intro Crowd seek planning permission on the land. This is done by our Land and Planning Director Chris Merriman, who has successfully taken over 40 sites through plaining and delivered 3000 homes to the UK housing market. Once planning permission is obtained, the land is then sold to a housing developer and the profits are distributed between the investors.


How It Works

After the land has been funded by accredited members of the platform, Intro Crowd's team manages the planning permission process, which typically increases the value of the land before it is sold. Entry-level investment begins at £10,000 up front. You will own a part of the company that owns the land, proportional to the amount you invest. The limited company which owns the land will appoint an investment manager along with planning experts to guide the land through the process.

Current Investment Target Return 84%

♦ Entry level investment £10,000

♦ Site 9.66 acres

♦ Raising £2,500,000

♦ Offer from house builder to purchase for £4,600,000

♦ Application to be submitted by end of May 2019

♦ Target date for planning December 2019