Urban Indoor Vertical Farms Investment
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The Solution

Urban Indoor Vertical Farms

Hydroponic Bond

Urban Farms' unique business opportunity will disrupt and completely transform the current outdated, very inefficient and costly agriculture model. Their revolutionary concept employs advanced technologies to produce, process, pack and distribute foods from under one roof – improving productivity and cost–efficiency, while also being environmentally friendly.

In 2012 Urban Farms started R&D on its concept of the Indoor Vertical Farm and is now the only Indoor Vertical Farm food producer in Latin America to incorporate food production in controlled environment agriculture, using advanced vertical hydroponics technology into its operations. The company is the undisputed leader in food production in a totally controlled environment.


Cutting Edge Technology For Solid Returns

Urban Farms uses the latest in innovation and technology to produce high quality foods in Controlled Environment Agriculture. By implementing High-tech systems, we control all aspects of the environment for optimal plant development, as well as keeping pests & pathogens out of the growing process. With technology we maximize yields and can grow year-round under ideal conditions to produce a regular, plentiful, supply of quality foods 365 days a year.

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Urban Vertical Farms