BHA | Alternative Investment Opportunities
Investment 12% PA plus annual bonus

• Minimum investment £25K GPB.

• Minimum 12%, Maximum 22% ROI PA.

• Award winning company.

• 7 year investment term.

• Early exit available.

• £10 million GPB equity being raised.

• High Street Group has over £320 million GDV.

• Security Trustee with first charge over group assets.

The High Street Group, one of the UK's leading private financial companies with a current GDV of over £320 million GPB. They have launched a new loan note to provide equity for both private sector rental projects and rooftop development projects. The High Street Group have raised over '50 million GPB over the last 5 years with no late payments to investors.

Please find following HSG loan note investment options, loan and group history, links to details on management team and links to details on the companies that make up the group, as well as links to brochure and further information.

High Street Group Story

The High Street Group is one of the UK's most successful privately owned businesses and a leading financial and property group. We operate multiple companies in property development and construction, hospitality and leisure, offering expertise and opportunities across multiple sectors. The Group's management team have decades of experience in the financial, development and construction industries.

Since its inception in 2006 by Chairman Gary Forrest, The High Street Group of

Companies has successfully developed businesses covering Financial Claims and Business & Developer Finance. We are now focusing on the growth of our large scale building and property portfolio and the long term opportunities and potential of this sector.

Delivered through our property development company All Saints Living we specialise in four fundamental development sectors: Private Rental Sector schemes, traditional development, rooftop extensions and hotels.

The High Street Group has expanded rapidly with unparalleled growth, now employing more than 100 people in the Head Office in Newcastle upon Tyne and across development sites in the UK. Reported profits for 2016 were £26 million. A combination of the Group's financial strength, sector expertise and relationships create a strong position from which we can explore opportunities and create value across various sectors.

High Street Group Loan Note History

High Street Group Of Companies

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Summary Of Offer

Company Description:
The company is focused on development projects in both Build to Rent and residential sectors. The Directors hope to raise £10 million from the issue of the loan note which will facilitate pipeline projects and new opportunities

Castle Trust Group, 932 Europort, Gibraltar.

Capital Growth Loan Note:
The Loan Note will accrue interest from and including the issue date of each Loan Note at the fixed rate of 12 per cent each year for a maximum of 7 years. The interest on the Loan Note is payable 7 days after investment anniversary.

Debenture over The High Street Group / Corporate Guarantee.

This invitiation is available for direct investment by institutional investors, professional investors, sophisticated and high net worth individuals, companies and restricted investors.

Event of Death:
In the event of the death of a Loan Note Holder sums will fall part of the estate and will be paid out as per next 12 month anniversary date on receipt of valid death certificate and deed of probate.

The Loan Note matures after 7 years from the date of investment, unless the investor choses to exit.

Summary of Investment