USA Green Card Investment Opportunity EB5, BHA
If you are a qualifying investor and want to gain permanent American residency

EB5 Visa Program Allows Select Individuals To Invest In America For USA Green Card

Five year investment term to qualify for Green Card

EB5 permanent US visa

If you want to live in the United States and benefit from superior education and lifestyle opportunities and you have available funds for investment, the EB5 is your ticket into America. This coveted visa allows select qualifying individuals to invest in the U.S.A and gain permanent resident status for both the investor and their family.

How do you get your EB5 visa?

Invest in a U.S. business, live in the U.S. and employ at least 10 people for a minimum of a 5 year unbroken term. Sounds difficult? Not now! - Now all you have to do is invest in a qualifying EB5 visa program that will run and manage your EB5 investment on your behalf in order for you to get your Green Card.

You do not need any training or experience

You can live and work anywhere in America.

Your spouse & children under 21 get accompanying relative green cards.

EB5 Green Card Visa Program

Investment Opportunity

EB5 Hotel Development Opportunity in TEA (Targeted Employment Area) 5 Year Term

Required Investment Ammount

Minimum Investment $500,000.00 USD (Five Hundred Thousand USD)
Administration Fee $40,000.00 USD (Forty Thousand USD)

Total Investment Cost $540,000.00 USD (Five Hundred and Forty Thousand USD)

Investment Returns

Return On Investment 0.5% PA on sum invested ($500,00.00 USD) over 5 years
Original sum invested ($500,000.00 USD) returned year 5

Investor funds and Admin costs fully guaranteed.

Project Overview

Total Project Costs $190,000,000
EB-5 $78,500,000 (41% LTC) - Secured by First Deed of Trust
Developer Equity $111,500,000 (59% TC)

EB-5 Investors Secured with a First Deed of Trust
Project already 100% funded with DLJ Fund Equity
DLJ provides a Fund Guarantee for all I-526 applications
100% of all profits reserved to lower EB-5 loan balance
Developer takes no profit until EB-5 paid back in full
No EB-5 minimum, all EB-5 proceeds will be accepted into the project
Developer anticipates $20MM Government Investment through Historic Tax Credits at completion

Can anyone invest?

The company is allowing only a limited number of project investments available for EB5 investors, maintaining exclusivity and integrity.

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USA EB5 investment